• 2013 Natures Artificielles festival
    Festival Orléanoïde Orléans
  • 2013 Iowa City Book Festival festival
    International Writers Program Iowa City
  • 2013 Two Degrees Festival festival
    ArtsAdmin London
  • 2013 Hortus Coimbra special event
    Téatro Academico Gil Vicente Coimbra
  • 2013 Natures Artificielles group show
    Lille 3000 Lille
  • 2013 Drones / Birds - Princes of Ubiquity group show
    Cimatics Brussels
  • 2013 Natures Artificielles festival
    EXIT Festival Créteil-Paris
  • 2013 Natures Artificielles festival
    VIA festival Maubeuge
  • 2012 Lawrence Malstaf. Christoph De Boeck. Aernoudt Jacobs. group show
    Fortlaan 17 Ghent
  • 2012 Gaudeamus Music Week 2012 festival
    Gaudeamus Muziek Week Utrecht
  • 2012 Mladi Levi festival
    Bunker Festival Ljubljana
  • 2012 Escrita na Paisagem festival
    Escrita na Paisagem Evora
  • 2012 Hortus Lisboa special event
    Teatro Maria Matos Lisbon
  • 2012 Burning Ice #5 festival
    Kaaitheater Brussels
  • 2012 Public Sound festival
    Festival van Vlaanderen Kortrijk Kortrijk
  • 2020 Jardim de Verão 2020 group show
    Gulbenkian Foundation Lisbon
  • Twenty black boxes measure dynamics of wind and sunlight intensity in a garden. Trees and bushes reproduce birdsong. Hortus is an ecology in which the acoustic space of a garden is manipulated by natural conditions as well as the visitors themselves. A statistical method also used by financial high-frequency trading algorithms predicts by means of regressive analysis the curves of wind and sun data. The output rearranges the birds across the acoustic arena.

    Micro stories circulate on botanic e-paper displays, comparing definitions such as growth, beauty, regeneration or time. A Salon hosts scientists, philosophors and politicians who discuss visions of a near future (2020 and 2084) while everyone is invited to ‘exercise and practice Utopia’ and to imagine the impossible.

    Concept and sound: Christoph De Boeck Concept and text: Patrícia Portela Electronics: Culture Crew Algorithm: Luis M. Russo Construction and design of display stands: Brian Rommens and João Gonçalves Production: Prado and Deepblue – Ilse Joliet, Pedro Pires, Helena Serra Co-producers and partnerships: Maria Matos Teatro Municipal (Lisboa) | Kaaitheater (Brussel) | Festival Van Vlaanderen (Kortrijk) | Festival Escrita na Paisagem (Évora) | CML – Gabinete do Vereador Ricardo Sá Fernandes/Departamento de Manutenção de Espaços Verdes | Direcção Municipal de Ambiente e Higiene Urbana da CML | ZDB (Lisboa) | Verbeke Foundation (Kemzeke). Prado is structurally supported by Secretário de Estado da Cultura/Dgartes in Portugal and by the Portuguese Embassy in Belgium for this specific project | deepblue is structurally supported by the Flemish Authorities and VGC Brussels Thanks to: KASK, Kathy Steppe en Erik Moerman (Ugent Labo Plantecologie), Sara Barrios, Rewind Design, Engineer Vitor Vieira (Direcção Municipal de Ambiente Urbano), Engineer Fernando Leal dos Santos (Chefe de Divisão – Direcção Municipal de Ambiente Urbano), Sr. Jorge Almeida (coordenador de limpeza – DMAU), Engineer Helena Ramos (Divisão de Gestão e Manutenção do Parque Florestal de Monsanto), Graça Caldeira Ribeiro (Associação Colher para Semear), Nuno Dinis, Pieter Coussement