Time Code Matter

  • 2008 ARTEFACT 2008 festival
    STUK Leuven
  • 2008 TIME CODE MATTER special event
    Concertgebouw Bruges
  • 2008 TAKT Festival #1 festival
    Dommelhof Neerpelt
  • 2007 TIME CODE MATTER special event
    Netwerk Aalst
  • 2007 Sound Of Music group show
    Festival van Vlaanderen Kortrijk Kortrijk
  • 2007 Happy New Ears 2007 concert
    Festival van Vlaanderen Kortrijk Kortrijk
  • Twelve steel sheets are suspended to form a circle. They vibrate softly when low frequency sound waves are passed through the steel. Every object has a different mass and hence produces a slightly different tone colour. From the sum of all these resonances a fundamental tone arises which is suggestive of the weight of the objects and of their inevitable presence within the space.

    The pontifical arrangement combined with the ritualistic soundspace of 'time code matter' contributes to the deduplication of materiality as visual and sonic. In the centre of this acoustic arena all objects are fusing into one sound sculpture.

    When visitors approach objects too closely, the signal amplitude rises and acoustic energy will be converted into kinetic energy as the object starts shaking.