• 2011 Performatik 2011 festival
    Bozar Brussels
  • 2011 Unheard group show
    Corrosia Almere
  • 2011 Tangible Feelings group show
    iMal Brussels
  • 2011 Tangible Feelings symposium
    iMal Brussels
  • 2010 Come on! Action festival
    Concertgebouw Bruges
  • 2010 Update III Multimedia Award award show
    Zebrastraat Ghent
  • 2010 The Finest in Flemish Sound Art group show
    Festival van Vlaanderen Kortrijk
  • 2010 Theater op de Markt festival
    Z33 Hasselt
  • 2010 STRP 2010 festival
    STRP Eindhoven
  • 2009 STUKSTART festival
    STUK Leuven
  • The intimate topography of the brain is laid out across a grid of 80 steel ceiling tiles as a spatialized form of tapping. The visitor can experience the dynamics of his cognitive self by fitting a wireless EEG interface on his head, that allows him to walk under the acoustic representation of his own brain waves.

    The accumulating resonances of impacted steel sheets generates penetrating overtones. The spatial distribution of impact and the overlapping of reverberations create a very physical soundspace to house an intangible stream of consciousness.

    Staalhemel (‘steel sky’) articulates the contradictory relationship we entertain with our own nervous system. Neurological feedback makes that the cognitive focus is repeatedly interrupted by the representation of this focus. Concentrated thinking attempts to portray itself in a space that is reshaped by thinking itself nearly every split second.