• 2016 Sound of Silence group show
    Festival van Vlaanderen Kortrijk Kortrijk
  • 2015 Symposium Industrial Valorisation of Non-destructive Testing (NDT) symposium
    KU Leuven MTM Department Leuven
  • 2017 Où sont les sons group show
    La Centrale Brussels
  • 2018 For A Brave New Brussels group show
    MAAT Lisbon
  • Ultra Acoustic Emissions are ultra high and short acoustic waves that arise when materials under stress are degrading.
    In Waveform a salt vapor corrodes a steel sheet that bends under a load. Acoustic emissions are captured, scaled down and amplified in real time as pitting corrosion progresses. Acoustic bursts from microscopic cracks will pierce the silence and carry visual tension into the acoustic space.
    Iron is present as a mineral in stone, as a component of brushed steel and finally as rust in an aesthetic interpretation of a stress test known as a 'buckling'. A stretched moment of instability that will eventually lead to failure.