In terminal we view the body as a container through which signals or 'presences' can travel. They enter and leave the body. Signals are passing through the flesh. A presence charged with information. Only traces of these movements are perceptible. In this performance series we work with some of these traces, the effects of presences alien to the body.

music and dramaturgy for

by Heine Avdal

  • 2001 APT Presentation performance
    Las Palmas Rotterdam
  • 2001 Internationale Keuze van de Rotterdamse Schouwburg performance
    Rotterdamse Schouwburg Rotterdam
  • 2002 Judson Church performance
    Judson Church New York
  • 2002 terminal STUK performance
    STUK Leuven
  • 2002 terminal Dan├žasnacidade performance
    Dan├žas na cidade Lisbon
  • 2002 terminal Transforma performance
    Transforma Torres Vedras
  • 2002 terminal Beursschouwburg performance
    Beursschouwburg Brussels
  • 2002 Dans in Kortrijk performance
    Dans in Kortrijk Kortrijk
  • 2002 terminal Vooruit performance
    Vooruit Gent
  • 2002 terminal Estonia performance
    Kanuti Gildi Tallinn
  • 2002 Oktoberdans 2002 performance
    BIT Teatergarasjen Bergen
  • 2003 terminal Oslo performance
    Black Box Teater Oslo
  • 2003 ISFIT 2003 performance
    Teaterhuset Avantgarden Trondheim
  • 2003 terminal Amsterdam performance
    De Brakke Grond Amsterdam
  • 2003 terminal Frankfurt performance
    Mousonturm Frankfurt
  • 2003 Sommerszene 2003
    Szene Salzburg Salzburg
  • 2003 Latitudes Contemporaines 2003 performance
    Latitudes Contemporaines Lille
  • 2003 terminal Maasmechelen performance
    CC Maasmechelen Maasmechelen
  • 2003 terminal Belgrade performance
    CENPI Belgrade
  • 2003 terminal Berlin performance
    Hebbel am Ufer Berlin
  • 2004 DeDonderdagen 2004 performance
    deSingel Antwerp
  • 2008 terminal Barcelona performance
    La Porta Barcelona