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by CREW_Eric Joris

O_REX is the next step in CREW's experiments with immersive technology. Immersion is brought on the classic stage. De selected member of the audience experiences the performance through videogoggles and headphones. He embodies the boundery between reality and fiction, between feeling and thinking, between the self and the world outside.

Co-production: Vooruit Gent (B) , Festival van Vlaanderen, Gent (B) , Le Manège/CECN, Mons (B) 
With the support of Productiehuis Rotterdam, Rotterdamse Schouwburg (NL) / Dédale en Dicream (FR) , Arcadi (FR) , Stuk Leuven (B) , nOna, Mechelen (B) , Spielart Festival, Munchen (D) 
Technological partners: EDM (Expertise Centrum voor Digitale Media, Universiteit Hasselt, B) , Art&D / IBBT (B)